Monster High Scaris Frankie Stein Doll Review

Scaris Frankie CollageScaris Frankie Stein. She may be an old doll, but I just recently got her. I got her for Christmas, but you can get her on Amazon for only $9.49 and at Toys R Us for $21.99. She’s very rare to find in stores, being so old, but she’s online for fairly cheap prices. Her price on Amazon has been staying under $10.99 lately; if you want her, that’s a good place to buy her.


Frankie in box. It has the Scaris City Of Frights logo and Frankie in cartoon form, her box art, as it is called. The background is the monster version of the Eiffel Tower and the streets of Scaris.


The back of Frankie’s box. It has the description of the Scaris City of Frights movie and Frankie’s Scaris diary. The description of the movie says,

“The ghouls from Monster High are haunting to the City of Frights for an international fashion competition where the winner will become THE apprentice to world famous fashion designer Madame Ghostier. It’s the chance of an unlifetime… or is it? Follow our ghouls above and below the cobblestone streets as they cheer on old friends, make new ones and discover not everything is always what it screams.” and her Scaris diary says,

“Okay, so I may have overestimated how excited mom and dad were going to be when I told them I had a chance to go to Scaris with Clawdeen and the ghouls. Turns out they’re still a little on the fritz about what happened the last time all us ghouls went on a trip together. Although I don’t think it’s really fair to bring that up. I mean how was I supposed to know that a kraken would sink our ship, we would be rescued by an unscrupulous normie and that he would use me as bait to capture a 50ft tall jungle beast? You can’t really fault a ghoul for not seeing that coming. So they told me they would think about it. Oh no! Not the dreaded ‘think about it.’ That’s never a good sign. I knew I’d have to come up with a good argument or my whole trip was going to get short-circuited before it even started.I was going to begin with how Clawdeen had done so much to help me when I first started at Monster High and how this was going to be a huge opportunity to return the favor and how mom and dad were always talking about how much they loved Scaris and there definitly wouldn’t be any kraken and I reaaallly wanted to see the Eiffel Terror at night; but before I could even make my case they showed up in my room and said, ‘You can go.’ Just like that. Parent should really come with instruction books.”

Scaris Frankie with accessories

Here is Frankie and everything she comes with. A doll-sized suitcase, a black stand and brush, and a journal that tells about her adventures in Scaris.

Scaris Frankie suitcase Collage

Here is her suitcase. It’s sky blue with many 3D designs, a pink rectangle with a lightning bolt indent, and a yellow lightning bolt, zig zag handle.

Scaris Frankie open suitcase

Here is the suitcase when it’s open. It has a cushion like texture on the right side and what looks like pockets on the other side. The handle of the suitcase can go down, also, like a real suitcase.

Scaris Frankie Sunglasses

She comes with sunglasses that are removeable; they’re transparent yellow with jagged edges that resemble lightning bolts.

Scaris Frankie closeup

Here’s a closeup of Frankie. She has dark blue lips with silver eyeshadow, and her eyes are 2 different colors,, like all Frankie dolls. Her left eye is blue and her right eye is green.

Scaris Frankie closeup with Sunglasses

A closeup of Frankie with her sunglasses on.

Scaris Frankie earring

Frankie’s left earring is yellow with bolt designs. It’s in a jagged shape, like a lightning bolt.

Scaris Frankie earring 2

Her right earring is a simple large blue bolt.

Scaris Frankie

A full body view of Frankie. Just a note, she does not come with the stand in this picture, she comes with a different stand.

Scaris Frankie Boots

Her boots are black with lightning bolt heels and yellow lightning bolt designs on the sides. They have bolts and stitch designs on them, too, but they’re hard to see because they’re black like the rest of the boots. Because of the rounded bottoms of the boots, she cannot stand on her own.

Scaris Frankie back Collage

The back of Frankie, with and without her hair covering her outfit. Her hair is much prettier in real life than on camera in my opinion; It has curls in the front that stay pretty well, and it had a soft, light texture to it. Though I personally don’t think that it’s very photogenic.

Scaris Frankie Outfit

Frankie is wearing a high-collar long blue shirt with bolt and screw designs and pink edges. There’s a black belt in the middle. She’s also wearing a shiny silver short skirt with blue stitch designs and a black seam on the end.

Scaris Frankie pose

Overall, I think that Scaris Frankie is a fangtastic and bootiful doll! I was worried about her hair at first, but now that I have this doll myself, I love her hair! The curls hold well, they’re not falling flat like I thought they would. I would give this doll 5 out of 5 stars, because there’s nothing wrong with her; to me, at least.

Thanks for reading, more reviews coming soon!


Monster High Haunted Getting Ghostly Twyla Doll Review

Haunted Twyla Intro Collage

few weeks ago, the Haunted dolls started showing up in stores, and I was one of the ones who managed to get one! I got “Haunted” “Getting Ghostly” Twyla at Toys ‘R’ Us for $16.99. The other “Getting Ghostly” dolls (Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura) were also there for the same price.

Haunted Getting Ghostly In Bo

Here is Twyla in her box, which along with the other newer dolls, has a new box design. It’s prominently clear plastic other than its usual cardboard and is much more detailed; it has chain designs molded into the plastic of the box, along with the “Haunted” logo being 3D.

Haunted_Twyla_backofboxHere is the back of her box. It has Twyla in cartoon form, called box art. It has a description of the upcoming Monster High movie “Haunted”, which this doll is from. It says, “When Spectra Vondergeist goes back to her old ghost school to find out why Monster High is being haunted, the other ghouls use boogey sand to transform into ghosts so they can follow her. There they die-scover that spirits are low because the principal weighs students down with ghastly rules and detention chains. It is up to the ghouls and their new ghost friends to unbury the mystery of the hauntings and the secrets of the ghost school.”

Twyla_Haunted Logo

Here is a closeup of the bottom of her box with her boxart, her name, and the logo for the upcoming movie Haunted, which is also the line that this doll is from.

Haunted_Twyla_allaccessories Stand_comparison

Here is Twyla out of her box with everything she comes with, which is just a stand and a brush. Both the stand and the brush are a slightly translucent blue, and are unique to the Haunted line. On the left you can see a comparison between the stand that comes with this doll and the other dolls in the Haunted line (left) and the regular Monster High doll stands (right). This new, unique stand has chain designs and is curvy, not to mention is taller than normal stands so it looks like the doll is floating when she is displayed on the stand.

Haunted_Twyla_onstandHere is Twyla being displayed on her stand, which, as you can tell, holds her up off of the stand’s base so she appears as if she’s floating, like a ghost.


Here’s a closeup of her face; she has a light blue mask over her eyes, along with light magenta lipstick. Both her lips and the mask across her eyes are slightly sparkly.


A full body view of Twyla. If she’s posed right, she can stand on her own, but not for very long.

Twyla Monster High Haunted Getting Ghostly Doll

What she looks like from the back, the back view of her hair and of her outfit. Her hair is soft, very thick and wavy. When she first came out of the box, her hair was much curlier, but a mess, so after some brushing, it now looks like this; more wavy than curly.

Haunted Twyla Shoes

A closeup of her shoes. They’re slightly translucent, and have many bootiful and intricate designs on them. On the front, there are spiderweb designs.

Haunted Twyla Bracelet

 A closeup of her bracelet. It’s a blue, slightly translucent hourglass that all of the other dolls in this line (Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, and Rochelle Goyle) also have. I’m assuming that it’s boogey sand, or something else important to the plot of the movie, but at the time I’m writing this the movie isn’t out yet, so I can’t be sure.

Haunted Twyla Headband

A closeup on her headband. It’s gray with small spider designs and a textured bow with a skull in the middle of the bow.

Haunted Twyla Dress

Twyla’s dress; It’s a light blue with bluish purple designs with a bluish purple fishnet layer over it. She has a gray chain belt that’s twisted into a bow shape on the right side.

Overall, I think Haunted Getting Ghostly Twyla is a fangtastic doll and a great addition to any Monster High collection. The only issue I have with her is when I first bought her, the back of her hair was matted and a mess from being in the box. When I tried to brush it, it just got poofy and the curls turned into waves. It still doesn’t look the best in my opinion, but she still looks bootiful from the front. I absolutely love this doll; I give her 5 stars, even with the poofy hair situation.

Thanks for reading, more reviews coming soon!